Show uitslagen Quintino

   27-10-2018-Leuven Res. CAC/CACIB.

   16-09-2018-Clubshow KV Brabo-BOB and BIG1


08-09-2018-Richmond Dogshow second in Yearling Class and qualified for Crufts. 

02-09-2018-Champion Clubshow Dutch Bearded Collie Club-1 Intermediair Class


26-08-2018- Mechelen- 1CAC/CACIB/BOB /Reserve Best In Group


09-08-2018- Amsterdam Benelux Winner 1 Excellent Intermediair class


10-08-2018- Amsterdam World Dog Show - 1 Excellent Intermediair class

05-08-2018- Meierijshow - R.CAC/R.CACIB

22-07- 2018- Liege- R.CAC/R.CACIB

01-07- 2018-1U R.CAC.J and now German Youth Champion

30-06- 2018- Hannover- 1CAC-J

24-06- 2018- Zwolle 1u R. CAC/R.CACIB

23-06- 2018- Zwolle 1U R.CAC/R.CACIB


20-05-2018-Venray-1u R.CAC/CACIB


19-05-2018-Wieze-Best Junior Dog. In the Big Junior Group selected with the last 6 dogs

29-04-2018-Lingen 1U CAC-J, Best Youth Dog and BOS. In the group selected with the last 2 group 1


17-03-2018-Hazerswoude - 1CACJ BOS

03-03-2018-Groningen 1 CACJ now Dutch Junior Champion


1 7-02-2018-Gent 1 CAC-J/BOS  Belgium Junior  Champion

18-02-2018-Luxembourg CAC-J Best Junior Dog Luxembourg Junior Champion


04-02-2018-Eindhoven  CAC-J/Best Junior/CAC/BOS

19-11-2017-Kortrijk  BOB junior and BIS3 junior ( just 9 months )


11-11-2017-Worlddogshow 4 Junior Class Only 9 months and 2 days

04-11-2017- Bleiswijk Best Puppy BIS3 Puppy 

28-10-2017-Leuven Best Puppy and selected with the last 6 puppy"s in the big ring


07-10-2017-Zwolle Best Puppy 

17-09-2017- Clubshow KV Brabo Best baby in show


09-09-2017-Richmond dogshow UK.Second in minor puppy dog

20-08-2017-Mechelen Best Puppy

19-08-2017-Mechelen Best Puppy and selected in the main ring 

30-07-2017-Clubsieger Beckum Best Minor puppy dog

29-07-2017- Rotterdam Best minor puppy in breed and BIS3 Minor Puppy


 22-07-2017- Liege Best minor puppy in breed and BIS3 Minor Puppy

 18-07-2017-Lokeren Best minor puppy in breed and Best In Show Minor Puppy